Cooling Towers in Niner Bravo
Commodore Vic
Ronan Fahy
Judy Margo
Eric Donohue
Pete Gamache

Formed in the spring of 2010 by guitarist Ronan Fahy and singer Commodore Vic, Cooling Towers has since garnered a healthy dose of praise and attention for their vibrant studio recordings and boisterous live shows.

With Judy Margo on electric piano, Eric Donohue on bass, and Pete Gamache on drums, the band has become the unique sum of its parts: veterans from disparate corners of a diverse musical scene.

Armed with a slew of guitar hooks and a little black book full of past regrets, their songs are decidedly romantic, and vital. Their sound is an amalgamation of indie rock, anthemic British pop and the angular aggression of 80's post punk.

Cooling Towers recorded an album with producer Darron Burke of Make Shift Studios, currently being mastered and set to be released early 2013.